We at OYE studio have always had a passion for African fashion. The creativity, the originality, and the stories behind the collections are what keeps us engaged. Over the years, we’ve witnessed many disparities in the global fashion industry. During Fashion Week (be it New York, Paris, London or Milan), we see or read about “African-inspired” collections from many Euro-centric fashion designers. We’ve always questioned the meaning of “African-inspired” fashion collections. We question which exact elements draw the “African inspiration”. It always seems like this phrase is an easy way for non-African designers to escape giving credit to African designers.

This is why we created OYE studio. We are providing online platform for African designers and artisans to celebrate their art, to take control of their own stories and to have true representation in the fashion industry. We are here to penetrate the fashion industry with the African narrative, as told by Africans. We are here to bring African fashion to you—straight from African designers to where ever you are in the world. We are here to make ‘Made in Africa' the norm.

Welcome to OYE studio.